Justin Elicker for Mayor of New Haven

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New Haven
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About Us

Justin is a Democrat in his second term on the Board of Aldermen. He has been one of the most active, vocal and effective members of the Board. He led the charge against Parking Meter Monetization, organized parents to successfully increase transparency in kindergarten enrollment in schools, spearheaded efforts to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety for the Route 34 East redesign, and has recently worked to improve how the City stops illegal dirt bike riding through New Haven neighborhoods. Justin is one of the strongest voices on the Board for long-term fiscal responsibility, government transparency, pedestrian and bicycle safety, public transportation improvements and smart governance. He has one of the best attendance records on the Board.

On the neighborhood level, Justin has worked to improve Cedar Hill and East Rock both in his capacity as alderman and as co-director of the Friends of East Rock Park.

  • As co-director of the Friends of East Rock Park (“FERP”), Justin has overseen the creation of FERP’s youth summer work program. FERP has hired 21 New Haven Public School teens over the past four summers to work in the park and learn valuable professional and life skills. Since Justin restarted FERP, the group has hosted more than one hundred park workdays and social events, bringing thousands of New Haven community members together to beautify the park and get to know each other.
  • In Cedar Hill, he has worked with residents and merchants to take on issues of urban blight, crime and prostitution. He has organized neighborhood cleanups and successfully advocated for Cedar Hill’s new playground and improvements to the business district.
  • In East Rock, Justin has worked with residents to restart block watches, implement traffic calming, and address the hundreds of day-to-day issues where the city can improve residents’ lives.
  • Justin is known for his responsiveness, availability and for his timely and relevant communications that help residents avoid a tow from street sweeping, find out about a public hearing, or participate in a community event.