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There is still approximately 250,000 homes in Mississippi and Louisiana that still needs rebuilding after the devastation left by hurricane Katrina. There are approximately 40,000 homes that need to be rebuilt from the devastation of hurricane Ike in September 2008. The mission of 100%GOOD is to conduct ongoing domestic support in the aftermath of a natural disaster, whereever that may be. 100%GOOD is the construction arm of many organized not for profit agencies. 100%GOOD assists organized charities and homeowners in the reconstruction of homes damaged or desrtoyed by fire, flood, wind, hurricane, or ANY natural disaster. We exsist to provide charitible work to those in need, who were affected by a natural didaster and can benefit from our services through the rebuilding of their homes. This involves, but is not limited to replacing walls, flooring, roofs, plumbing, electrical, AC, stoves, sinks, toilets, insulation, painting, etc.