Radical Middle Way



United Kingdom

About Us

Radical Middle Way's mandate is to engage with young Muslims in order to present a convincing and positive religious discourse promoting mercy, public service and civic participation as emblematic Islamic values and challenging illegitimate theological arguments favouring violence and terrorism against civilians.

RMW operates in the United Kingdom and internationally. Our international work will be to strengthen groups, organisations and opinion-makers that promote “the middle way” theological approach and reject violence; promote the core values of RMW through local and national media; and create platforms for influential scholarly voices. We have taken our inspiration for this work from scholars like Shaykh Abdullah bin Bayyah, who have called for an “alliance of virtue”. We in turn are calling for an “alliance of the middle way”.

Our core principles are: i. a rejection of religiously-justified violence; ii. a commitment to the revival of mercy, public service and a concern for social justice as emblematic Islamic duties; iii. a shared commitment to the emergence of a distinct British Muslim identity; iv. encouraging the active involvement of British Muslims in social, political, cultural, public and economic life of Britain; and v. inspiring young people to become active agents for peace, security and positive change in their local communities.

We are organise events, seminars, debates and cultural events where these ideas can be promoted, debated and robustly discussed in a free and open environment.