Friends of the Nature Sanctuary

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About Us


Friends of the Nature Sanctuary (FNS) are an NGO whose aim is to encourage young people to conserve natural Resources and ensuring that the community remains clean.

FNS started as a club for patrons of school wildlife clubs; it was later registered into a youth NGO with the National youth council of Malawi in 1996. Since then FNS has been involves in several activities at the government ownes Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary. Among other FNS activities include:

  • Environmental Talks
  • Debates
  • Tree planting
  • Environmental Education Tours

Friends of the Nature Sanctuary is a membership organisation. All the people that run the group are volunteers; however, funding permitting the volunteers are given lunch allowances during some of the work days. This is only possible when funding permits.

During its existence FNS has perfomed several activities aimed at achieving its goals. Over 1500 young people have been able to learn and visit wildlife and natural resource conservation areas.

Trees have bee planted in different places in both Lilongwe urban and Lilongwe Rural.


To ensure that young people actively participate in Environmental Conservetion and Management Issues.


Youths actively involved in environmental conservetion and management issues.


‘Let’s Conserve the Remaining Heritage`