Krug, Center for international cultural collaboration

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About Us

Our organisation is based in London, UK with branches in Podgorica and Cetinje in Montenegro, and Skopje in Macedonia.

Its main aim is promoting intercultural understanding and cultural exchange, fostering appreciation of all forms of art, in order to help people network and create partnerships for betterment of the global society.

Creating cultural programes, we are also aiming at raising awarenes on the environmental issues, as we believe that when people are enjoying cultural contents such as arts, music, film theatre, their sences of enjoyment are heightened and they are more susceptible to absorbing and forwarding the new information such as the urgency of the burning environmental concerns.

We found a perfect model through our project the Festival On The other Side, taking place in the National park Skadar Lake in August in Montenegro.

The location is an area of outstanding beauty and also is a natural phenomenon which offers exilarating experience, reinforced by the content of our programe comprising of international music, arts, crafts, food, as well as variety of workshop on environmental protection and the importance of the protection of the cultural heritage.

We aim to include and instigate participation from groups from different backgrounds promoting social inclusion and collaboration between different social groups.