Animal Acres Sanctuary

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5200 Escondido Canyon Rd
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About Us

Animal Acres is a farmed animal sanctuary and compassionate living center located just 45 minutes from Los Angeles. With its proximity to a major metropolitan area and the entertainment media capitol of the world, Animal Acres is in a prime location to reach millions with our compassionate message. Animal Acres works to promote compassionate living through its farmed animal rescue & refuge efforts, public education & outreach, and investigative campaigns to prevent cruelty to farmed animals.

Animal Acres was founded by Lorri Houston, who is considered the “pioneer” of the farmed animal sanctuary movement. In 1986, Lorri co-founded Farm Sanctuary, which opened the country’s first shelter for farmed animals. For 18 years, she directed the group’s shelter and fundraising efforts.

Animal Acres opened in the Spring of 2005, and with the support of over 200 volunteers, celebrity supporters, and dedicated members, a run-down property was turned into paradise for farmed animals, and the people who love them!

Animal Acres is a refuge for animals, and a sanctuary for the soul. Farmed animal sanctuaries are a place where cows, pigs, and chickens reach out and touch the human heart. Our “animal ambassadors” gently teach people to extend compassion to ALL beings through one-on-one interaction. For many people, it is the first time they have ever looked into the eyes of pig or chicken, and it can profoundly affect the way people view and treat farmed animals. Combined with information and resources that introduce individuals to humane and healthy food choices, the sanctuary provides an unforgettable experience that encourages people to choose compassionate living.

Today over 150 rescued farmed animals call Animal Acres "home sweet home", and you are invited to meet them! For tour information, volunteer opportunities, upcoming sanctuary events and other campaign news, please visit our website at: or contact us for more information on what YOU can do to help.