Spiritual Unity Network (New Jersey)

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2115 Millburn Avenue
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About Us

The Spiritual Unity Network embraces the belief that Humanity has reached a point in its development at which it is consciously reaching toward its higher potential. This is evidenced in the collective activity of many and varied humanitarian efforts, both spiritual and secular, to improve the human and planetary condition. At no other time in human history have there been so many groups and individuals dedicated to the material and spiritual uplift of others. We believe that such an urge toward improvement is spiritual in nature and comes from that within us which contains what is highest and most divinely beautiful.

We believe that true spiritual unity involves the application of the divine urge toward betterment to the material concerns and problems which we all face. True spiritual unity assimilates higher, divine principles with everyday attitudes, values and activities. Many think that the application of divine principles can only be achieved by saints and mystics; this is not so, we have continual proof of the ability of the average person or small group to make a difference in the human and planetary condition. Any movement that labors for the rights of the disenfranchised, promotes peace or seeks to eradicate injustice or domestic violence is engaged in the application of these higher principles. Any group seeking to feed the hungry, protect the innocent or to become stewards for the rights of animals or for our planetary environment answers the divine urge toward betterment. There are literally thousands of causes for which both groups and individuals are striving to shed light in dark places.

The SUN affirms the belief that those engaged in the task of human and planetary uplift are the bearers of light and divine energy to a world reeling from violence, hatred, conflict, and materialism. As such each humanitarian effort and each person who participates in such efforts is part of a network of dedicated world servers committed to leading humanity toward its higher potential. The members of this network of light bearers may or may not be known to one another, but they are all engaged in the common goal of planting and cultivating the seeds of divine change.

It is the SUN’s purpose and mission to raise awareness about the emerging need to refine humanity’s impact upon the world and enhance harmonious relationships amongst its members. It’s mission is also to promote, share and highlight those methods and activities by which this refinement is being accomplished. Through our programs, activities print and electronic media, we hope to inspire men and women of goodwill to contribute to the emergence of a more evolved compassionate humanity.