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About Us

The Workplace Project, founded in 1992, is the only non-profit organization on Long Island that organizes Latina/o immigrant workers and their families to fight for better working and living conditions. The Workplace Project was founded on the belief that while simply providing services might alleviate some of the pain of exploitation; it would do nothing to fix the problems in the long run. Instead, it has chosen to build community centers of and for immigrants, which work through a cycle of outreach, leadership training, membership building, and organizing for change. The Workplace Project has successfully passed a domestic workers bill of rights in Nassau County, defeated anti-day labor legislation in Suffolk County, helped workers recuperate hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages annually, and developed educational workshops for immigrants around topics as diverse as workers rights, rights during a raid, housing, taxes, the political system and English as a Second Language. It is recognized nationally as a model of cutting edge immigrant organizing.