Northwest Church Family Network

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216 New York Avenue, NW
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About Us

The Northwest Church Family Network (NCFN) is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization committed to fulfilling the moral imperative to shelter the homeless and provide managed opportunities - primarily to struggling families - for a stable and self-sustaining life. NFCN provides housing and social service support in the renovated Augusta-Louisa buildings. These buildings are the physical base for providing supportive independent housing for formerly homeless families with minor children. NCFN is committed to creating a living-environment wherein families can find semi-permanent (3-5 years) housing in which to raise children free of the fear of crime and drugs. Such an environment will permit responsibility and self-empowerment to take root. NCFN links the living-environment in the Augusta-Louisa Apartments with other community-based organizations and educational and religious institutions. These other organizations provide addiction counseling, employment training, education, parenting support, heath, and nutrition counseling, financial management, etc. as the need is determined by the resident and Program Manager. NCFN thereby intends to combat the helplessness which often accompanies homelessness.

NCFN works to stabilize and service the families who are referred to this network in a caring and just manner. NCFN is committed to fostering a living-environment as God Almighty intended for the well-being of all human creatures, so that members of these families can live and grow as dignified and self-sustaining citizens in an urban society.