Santa Julia

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About Us

It came to light in July of 2005 that 32 girls who have been abandoned or placed in an orphanage because of dire family situations have been begging in the streets each week in order to meet subsistence needs.

These are the girls of Casa Hogar Santa Julia Don Bosco, A.C., a nonprofit orphanage run by four Dominican nuns without the financial support of either the church or the government. They have a physical home, but that home is crumbling through the natural neglect that their lack of funds has caused. This causes poor health, but hope prevails.

A small group of retirees from the U.S. recently coalesced over this situation, a nonprofit organization. We have assessed the need for operational support to be around $64,000 USD annually. To make the buildings and grounds safe, we will need at least $200,000 USD. To provide safe transportation to and from school, church, medical facilities, etc., the need is $60,000 USD. And, to accomplish the nuns’ vision of ensuring that each girl be educated to her potential and matriculate into the career of her choice, we are building a foundation for the future of around $1,500,000 USD.