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About Us

Information Technology Common Initiative Group (ITCIG) is a Social Enterprise Organisation, which is making use of ICTs, related Technologies and other workable tools to promote, enhance and facilitate Socio-Economic Development in Cameroon.

The Cameroon Inclusive Special Education Teachers' Training Approach (CISETTA) was initiated through this Organisation. -With the major aim of enhancing, empowering and creating access to diverse opportunities to the Exceptional Members of the Society.

This approach is now helping to revolutionaries the manner in which Teachers are trained in Cameroon and contributing immensely in changing societal attitude toward the Individuals/persons, living with various forms of disabilities. . Thus, we are witnessing an era of change and innovation in the field of Societal Inclusion as well as pioneering the act of Inclusive Education in Cameroon.
This to an extent is facilitating the process of creating Universal access to education and other Socio-economic Opportunities For All in Cameroon today. Our Sincere thanks goes to the Initiator and fellow collaborators towards this Endeavour.

ITCIG-Special Educational Needs Teachers' Training Institute -SENTTI. - An arm of Information Technology Common Initiative Group aims:
- To train teachers that would meet the unique needs of those students/children or adults with special educational needs in the classroom or other learning environment. By impacting into Existing or Newly recruited teachers, the knowledge and skills of formal and informal assessment that, addresses their students' strength and needs, Similarly, the environment used by the pupils/students and their families
- Inculcate into teachers the knowledge and skills of planning, differentiating and delivery of instructions as well as being able to understand and apply basic principles of curriculum and instruction that are appropriate for individuals with special Needs from diverse background.
- To expand the teachers training programme through the development, introduction and teaching of new courses, to help teachers meet the needs of all learners in an integrated mainstream classroom or in a special Education school setting. Certainly, the attainment of the above aims would assist the Government of Cameroon towards the attainment of the United Nations Millennium Development goal, which is providing Universal Basic Education for all by the year 2015.
In addition, the organisation also has as its wing -the Orphan Outreached Educational Empowerment programme. Through which Orphans benefit from Educational advancement and vocational training.
Further More, ITCIG Cameroon is working in the area of clean and renewable Energy. In this wise, the Organisation is presently working on an innovation of her own - in which a turbine is being manufactured locally in Bamenda to supply electricity via (Hydroelectricity) in one of the villages in Ngie - its experimental/trial phase..

In addition, ITCIG renders various forms of support to other Organisation in terms of capacity building, skill sharing and carries out advocacy on various socio-Economic issues.
ITCIG-SENTTI collaborates with various Cameroon Government ministries to provide solutions to some of the Issues affecting persons living with disabilities in Cameroon.