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What an awesome time to be a girl! Today’s girls have more opportunities and choices. They can develop their talents … follow their hearts … make goals for themselves … plan their futures and more!

Making the right choices is important. That’s when you need to rely on your parenting skills and Fab Camp to help your daughters develop a positive self image and good self-esteem.

For adolescent girls today, the cost of low self-esteem is painfully obvious. Despite today's incredible opportunities for life and career development, adolescent girls are at greater risk of depression and eating disorders, teen pregnancy and substance abuse. Girls are more likely to drop out of school.

Fab Camp will assist your daughters in areas of developing her inner and outer self image. Worries about appearance and weight are an even more common way that girls display esteem issues.

For many girls, the journey to womanhood—and the chance for personal and career happiness—is cut short by choices that put physical image ahead of health and positive goals. Fab Camp will get your daughter involved in activities that will promote her physical and mental health.

Fab Camp will provide this program to 5 very special girls every year at NO CHARGE! In 2010 we provide over 20 scholarships to young girls!


5-nights camping in group cabin accommodations in the beautiful mountains of Virginia.

Deluxe Motor Coach Transportation to/from FabCamp

All meals and snacks prepared fresh daily.

Daily empowerment workshops presented by professional women on:

Etiquette & Self Image, Money Management, Nutrition & Meal Planning, Age-Appropriate Make-Up & Skin Care, Basic Hair Care Techniques, Time Management, Yoga & Holistic Wellness, Non-Denominational Devotions, Career Planning, and Much, Much More!

Activities that will promote creativity, team building, physical exercise, environmental awareness:

Arts & Crafts, Nature Hikes, Outdoor Sports, & Much, Much More!

Today’s girls have so many pressures … they want to fit in, achieve, compete for boys, and live up to society’s expectations of what and who she should be. All of this can affect her, especially when she doesn’t feel pretty, popular, talented, socially accepted, or loved at home. Fab Camp was created by women, specifically for young ladies to teach them how to be strong independent thinking women! Registration Information

Age-Based Camp Focus: Camp SPARKLE 6-9 year olds, Camp GLITZ 10-11 year olds, Camp GLAM 12-13 year olds, Camp DIVA 14-16 year olds

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