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About Us

Legacy International is a non-profit educational and training organization. Since our inception in 1979, our primary concern has been to help individuals and groups to develop and refine skills and to deal effectively with the needs of their societies. Legacy assists in building cooperative and productive lives through cross-cultural training, conflict prevention and resolution, curriculum development, educator/ pedagogical programs and student to student programming. Legacy's quarter century of local, regional and global work has proven that people can live in harmony with their neighbors while developing skills and means to make significant contributions to their communities and to the world.

In the past twenty-five years, the world has changed significantly. Commerce, science, and technology have bred an increasingly global community. Fledgling democracies have emerged; global powers have fallen. Wars have created huge numbers of refugees, "genocide" and "terrorism" have become familiar terms. Long-standing barriers have been taken down, and others have been erected. The environment has faced many challenges. Out of its flexible mission and expansive vision, Legacy has worked aggressively to keep pace with all of the changes and challenges with one guiding principle-to help others to help themselves in making their community and our world freer, more democratic, more peaceful, and more equitable.

Our work touches many lives. We teach emerging leaders worldwide the skills of preventing and resolving conflicts, building cooperation, and understanding cultural differences. Back at home, they become energetic yet practical change-agents with new visions. We have completed projects with partners on five continents, and have worked with individuals from more than 100 countries. We have equipped organizations to work more effectively in a wide range of initiatives. We have hosted 105 delegations in the U.S. and in other countries-and have helped participants to gain new tools and perspectives. We have organized more than a dozen international training and conference events.

Our funders have included government agencies, foundations, corporations, private donors, and tuition-paying participants. We have worked with scores of partner organizations that share similar visions to build working coalitions, to accomplish set goals, and to share our expertise with others.

Legacy International is a non-profit educational organization associated with the United Nations as an non-governmental organization.