Foundation for Peace, Tolerance, and Non-Violence

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About Us

The Foundation for Peace, Tolerance, and Non-Violence is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to promote the values of peaceful coexistence, tolerance and appreciation for differences, and to cope with a changing world using non-violent means.

The foundation seeds ideas of Peace, Tolerance, and Non-Violence among Muslim Youths in America and Abroad. We hope to go to every Mosque, Islamic Center, and Islamic School in America and present these ideas to the youths with lectures, talks, discussion, activities and other material developed with the help of experts.

The foundation will establish Centers primarily in the largest Muslim countries starting with Karachi, Pakistan that will conduct projects and programs at educational institution from elementary to university level as well as the community level in support of its mission. Many of these projects will be micro projects conducted within various school systems.

A Peace Prize will be established in each country modeled after the Nobel Peace Prize. The first of these will be established in Pakistan to be called the Pakistan Peace Prize.

This Foundation is not an endowed organization, and depends solely on monetary contributions from donors to accomplish its work.