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JEK Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in September 2005 as a result of passion for developing a Plan of Action with regards to the numerous crises that affect the general public of Cameroon in the Buea region. High rates of unemployment, social disintegration poverty and sufferings amongst the youths and some families. It is very common to see our youths, school leavers and graduates on the street taking parts in activities such as crime and prostitution, just to escape from poverty and stress. Therefore, the project is created first of all, to educate, establish, contribute and encourage the development of the underprivileged poor in Cameroon in particular and the world at large.

Economic Growth in Cameroon is not reflected in the private sector. Unemployment remains a major problem and poverty is rife. People can no longer depend on the government for employment. There is the need to empower , youth and women in general with the skills and knowledge necessary to carryout their own activities in a sustainable way. Only in this why can we realize poverty alleviation.

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