Glorious Vision Orphans

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Agona Swedru


About Us

The factors that result in orphans, physical disability and less privileged children have their roots in moral, social, political and economic problems on personal, local, national and international level

The solutions to these problems are very complex and controversial. We will go into orphans, disabled and vulnerable children and identify the needs of individual children and try to meet those needs

VISION To help children become self-reliant. Glovo will do everything in our power to co-operate with other organizations or individuals to bring about the best of these children.

MISSIONS To respond to all call to duty, to provide opportunities to orphans, physically challenged, abandoned and vulnerable children. Glovo will try to provide each volunteer and donor the privilege to know, understand and love these precious children. Glovo shall ensure that the interest of orphans and vulnerable children shall be paramount and supersede all other interests. We will inculcate the spirit of cooperation and not one of competition in the children. None of our projects or programs will be used to propagate religious or political ideas that are contrary to the wishes of the institutions in which we are working.