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About Us

About Komunitas 1001buku (The Network of Volunteers and Children Library Organizers)

it has been commonly believed that reading interest is very low in Indonesia. Is that so? Perhaps not. Perhaps the answer lies in the prohibitive prices of books and the lack of alternative access to books such as through public libraries.

These are the major reasons that 1001buku was established.

Our objective is to provide more books, quality reading materials, and creative toys for children, through non-profit, community-run children’s libraries. We specifically aim at assisting children due to their vulnerability and because a reading habit is best cultivated during one’s formative years.

1001buku volunteers come from different backgrounds, united by the same burning desire to volunteer their time, energy, and various talents to support children’s libraries and reading corners all across Indonesia.

What we do These are some of the main activities of 1001buku:

Book Drop Box (BDB) Book Drop Boxes are strategically located receptacles in Jakarta and Bandung,Jogjakarta (coming to other cities soon). The purpose of these boxes is so that you, a supporter of this initiative, can have easy access to donate children’s books, magazines, and other reading materials-new or used-to children’s libraries. We also welcome toys that nurture children’s creativity. Every BDB is managed by one or more volunteers who work or live in the area where the BDB is located. The BDB network is managed wholly by 1001buku volunteers.

Book Sorting, Distribution and Packing In the last week of every month, 1001buku volunteers get together to record the month’s book donations from all of the BOOK DROP BOXES. These books are then sorted and distributed to children’s libraries based on their needs and requests.

Children’s Libraries Management 1001buku supports independent, non-profit, community-run children’s libraries by providing books to expand their collections and by creating opportunities for library organizers to share experiences and improve their skills in facilitating their library’s activities for children.

Regular Gatherings With the aim of strengthening friendship, coordination, and to regularly evaluate our activities, 1001buku volunteers hold a regular meeting every 2-3 months. All resources needed for these meetings come from volunteers’ contributions, and meetings are held in venues that are provided free of charge.