Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre

About Us

Ours is a community based organisation with a centre for the orphans, poor children and widows where we have a school for the orphans which is now in class three as we are barely 3years old today sept. 2006, we provide food for the poor,give some vocational skills for self reliance to the widows and child-headed homesteads as a result of HIV/AIDS. We aslo give counselling and treatment services for both malaria and HIV/AIDS diseases that have ravaged our communities here. Among the other skills we also train on good farming practices using organic manure, poultry farming and dairy cow or livestock farming.

We encourage volunteers from all over the world to come share with us their skills, time and culture as we help give these communities hope and dignity, any person skilled or unskilled willing to volunteer is welcome as there is plenty to participate in. Contact us we make arrangements

Our website is wwww.geocities.com/milesofsmilescentre

We have partners in the UK who send us volunteers and through whom you can also get to us and one of them is wwww.gapandcareerbreaks.com

Visit our website to also see the latest projects and events/ activities you can participate in.

Volunteer to help make the world a better place for all of us!!!