GEEZ Louise!

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515-28th St.
Suite 106
Des Moines
United States

About Us

GEEZ Louise’s encourages women and girls to find their voices, create shared power, learn skills to become productive members of society and help the community of Des Moines become a more female friendly place. ♀ Create shared power, Learn Skills, Find Balance, Change the World.

GEEZ Louise’s programming has a strong feminist foundation based on female responsive programming, female development, youth development and youth/adult partnerships. GEEZ Louise has the experience and knowledge to effectively program for young women involved in the child welfare/juvenile justice system. Staff at GEEZ Louise know that young women define themselves in relationships, that sometimes relationships are what hold us together, that many young women experienced a self-esteem crisis during their teen years, and that boundaries and accountability are extremely important. GEEZ Louise also understands how culture, sexual orientation, system involvement and economic status affect young women’s lives including how they experience gender. GEEZ Louise believes that well trained staff are needed to provide effective programs.