About Us

"Jesus, the saving Christ, brings light to those who are in darkness."

According to scriptures as co-workers, co-labourers, we have to spread the word and co-operative each other to grow spiritually and to save some souls and glorify the God. Ours is a non-governmental, non-profitable, non-denominational Christian Registered Organisation with F.C.R.A. Number. We have been doing the following activities.

1. Church planting 2. Support to Pastors, oldaged ,orphans, widowed and the poorest of the poor. 3. Conducting open air crusades. 4. Micro finance to self-help groups and poor Christian women. 5. Spiritual education to kids from childhood. 6. Translating English Gospel Literature to Telugu and distributing freely. 7. Mobile audio-visual team. 8. Collection of audio-visual material to our Christian book room.

To achieve all these Aims and Objectives please pray for our Mission and ask God to provide us what we need. The future generations shall be appreciated for your appropriate actions. Whenever it happens to you to visit India please visit our mission too , we will extend our invitation. We will conduct open air crusades and micro-finance meetings with our selp-help groups.

May God bless you,

Yours in His service, Rev. B. Babu Rao] Rural Heal Mission, D.No. 1-21-22, National School Road, Nazerpet, Tenali - 522 201. Andhra Pradesh - India. Phone : 91-8644-221744 Fax : 91-8644-224560 E-mail :