Daughters in Crisis and Mothers of Love, Inc.

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172 Sawyer Street
United States

About Us

To support women and their children, and youth with a place where they feel safe and have an opportunity to participate with others in a healthy learning environment, we offer a transitional living facility. Our mission is to serve the needs of homeless women, throughout counties, with the focus on Solano County by providing them with a nurturing and caring environment accommodated by empowering each resident to reach their full potential in becoming and remaining self-sufficient.

The mission is to minimize the occurence of single women, women with children and youth, from being at risk of homelessness, substance abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, living independently in highly voltile environments complied with emotional, financial, physical, spiritual and social deprivation. We promote self-sufficiency, and self-awareness among our guests and assist them in developing role models as parents. We accommodate them by improving the quality of their lives and the lives of their children. We consistently emphasize on empowering and advocating for our residents.

Core values of DICMOL Transitional Living Facility are:

1. Accessible, safe and clean shelter; 2. Treatment of residents with respect and dignity; 3. Nurturing and caring environment; 4. Philosophy of empowerment.

We provide them with a structured program that includes but not limited to, skills, workshops, seminars, referrals and qualified staff in becoming and remaining independent and self-sufficient women, while living in an environment conducive to maintaining sobriety, becoming gainfully employed, becoming role model parents and productive citizens of Solano County.

To implement various other programs in the future relating to women, children and youth.