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Quite simply put, the issue we at Wage Equality Florida stand for is fair wages for everyone.

All over the United States the food and beverage industry, primarily funded by large franchises, has had success in passing "tip credit" laws, which allow employers to pay tipped workers less than the minimum wage.

The food and beverage industry wants you to believe this will be an issue about the well-being of businesses when these large franchises are truly the ones responsible for putting independent establishments out of business. The minimum wage was created to ensure the "health, efficiency, and general well-being of workers." The food and beverage industry will also tell you that the tip credit was designed to offset the taxes payed by employers for tips claimed... for an 8 hour shift that's an offset of $24.16 per employee. What the food and beverage industry won't tell you is that because of a loop hole in the Internal Revenue tax codes all of the taxes paid on employee tips are fully refundable.

Studies have shown that raising the minimum wage, much less raising each employee up to minimum wage, has a negligible impact on inflation and business failures. Nevermind that food and beverage workers are three times more likely than other workers to earn less than the poverty level, and that half of all food and beverage workers lack any health care coverage.

Tip credits take money out of the pockets of some of our state's lowest paid workers and often put it into the hands of large corporations.