Save-A-Dog, Inc.

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HCR 1 Box 306
United States

About Us

Save-A-Dog is a nonprofit 501c3 group working to raise money to builk a no kill, spay/nueter santuary in Monroe County PA. We work with the SPCA in Stroudsburg, PA with adopting the dogs in their shelter. We have been working with them for over a year now and they say that their adoption rate is up and the kill rate in down. At this time we rely on our forster's or if possible the owners or finders of the dogs to care for them untill we find homes. We are currently actively fund raising almost monthly to raise the funds we need. Our biggest fund raiser which will be held on April 16th is the First Annual Fur Ball at the Shawnee Inn. Our goal is to have a santuary in 2005.