About Us

World Volunteers Ghana, is a community based, non profit organization, without any political or religious affiliation and registered by the Register General`s office in Ghana. It co-ordinates local and international work camps with community groups or nstitutions in need of voluntary labour or service to empower community self-help initiatives. World Volunteer Ghana partners with organizations to support community leaders and youth workers in community building, rural development and sustainability efforts. Our model, which forms the basis for much of our work, is an adaptable approach to community building in which youths and adults work as partners to examine community resources, develop a community vision, and take action to create meaningful change. We work to assist and improve the welfare of the underprivileged in our society and work includes community rural sustainable development, education and capacity building, information communication, technology, literacy, economically self sustaining activities, women and children, and consultancy.

Our objective is to co-ordinate socio-cultural interaction between people from diverse backgrounds by creating opportunities for both local and international volunteers to exchange their experience and skills. We also run different volunteer programmes in Nepal. We offer year round volunteer programmes in teaching English, at the orphanage, an internship in medical work, HIV/AIDS programs and other community development programmes.

The mission of World Volunteers Ghana is to mobilize and sensitize women and youth on the issues affecting them and how to utilize the resources available in order to promote and support sustainable self-help projects focusing on advancement of women and youths initiatives, income generating activities, human development and environmental conservation efforts.