St.Columba's Nursery School

  • District of Columbia


4201 Albemarle Street Northwest
District of Columbia
United States

About Us

St. Columba's Nursery School is located in Tenleytown, DC. For almost 60 years we have served families and children and hope to continue to create meaningful and joyful community and learning. At St. Columba’s Nursery School, we believe that each child, each family, and each staff member has an infinite capacity to learn and grow. We cultivate their God-given and unique abilities in a joyful atmosphere of supported inquiry, sociability, and inclusion.

We also believe the most important skills that children learn in pre-school are social ones—how to make a friend, be a friend, and express ideas and needs in non-hurtful ways.

Our developmentally based curriculum guides us in planning carefully structured environments and experiences that help build the minds, bodies, and spirits of our students through active play.