Russian American Civic Association

  • NY


35 E 10 Street
New York
United States

About Us

RAMCA is a non-partisan grass roots organization founded in order to foster Russian speaking Americans’ civic participation and to increase their voice in government and policy-making in the U.S., particularly New York.

RAMCA’s founders are members of this community who have become active in America. They have seen first hand that the Russian-Americans have fallen behind other groups’ activism and involvement, although there are over 1/2 million of them in New York City alone.

RAMCA strives to activate Russian Americans’ citizenship and increase their voice by:

Creating a vigorous dialogue within the community and between them and government decision makers; Serving as a forum on current events and issues of interest and concern; Ensuring that government officials, policymakers and the media understand Russian-Americans’ interests and the impact of policies on this growing voter group; Providing and building concrete opportunities to participate in New York’s civic process and culture; Improving Americans' understanding of the Russian-American community and its accomplishments; and Increasing Russian-Americans’ volunteerism and participation in their broader community.