Kili child empower foundation.

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About Us

Kili child empower foundation is a registered Ngo under the district commishners office and it is working in the district (Moshi rural District) to empower chidren who have loosed their Parents by Hiv AIDS and vulnerable children who most of them comes from poor fammilies in the district.

We are commited to work togather with village leaders on which we obtain enough information on specific children to support. From supporting vulnerable childrens we are aslos commited to spread education to the community about Hiv AIDS as it is the main reason for occurance of orphanages in our community. with development officer we are in tended also to initiate economic projects of which within a familly level they will be able to generate income for their daily life.

"Our Mission is to work with community in alleviating children vulnerability for social and economic sustainability."