The Brightworks Project

  • VA


United States

About Us

Our goal is to inspire and connect people who want to drive positive change in the world.

1.  To create a unique networking community customized for creative women who want to have a positive impact on the world around them.

2.  To share empowering programs & resources developed to help women live and work with joy and intention and cultivate meaningful philosophies of success.

3.  To bring together passionate, hard-working people to find strong connections, share strategies & work together.

4.  To nurture partnerships & joint ventures between like-minded collaborators to further your reach and improve the lives of every person involved.

We plan to offer group challenges, memberships, community and events to help passionate people build their work and life around their joys & strengths.

Memberships: a place to make friends & find work/collaborators
•    Networking for good hearted people to do business together
•    Services Directory (member businesses)
•    Resources
•    Social shout-outs for members
•    Members calendar (members post their events/promos)
•    Job board & Collaborations
•    Connections with Nonprofits
•    Connections suggested from within the profile
•    Discounts on classes
•    Mentorship- mastermind group for 14 people/seasonal sprints
•    Online Classes


•    Annual conference [workshops around women in social enterprise]
•    Annual retreat for mastermind members
•    Local Meetups