Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation

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About Us

About Us: Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation (CHRIFACAF), is a Nigerian registered non-profit humanitarian organization whose mission is to provide free healthcare and humanitarian services to the surrounding rural communities and beyond. We liaise and partner with other local and international humanitarian service providers in the identification of targets communities for the operations of the foundation in the actualization of her aims. CHRIFACAF is dedicated to working with old people, the youth, widows, orphans and vulnerable children, families and their communities in every part of Nigeria and beyond, to reach their full potential by tracking the causes of poverty and injustice.

Vision: CHRIFACAF envision a world where people are less poor. A place where anyone can get a good education, access to health care, economic opportunity, and a planet where people have a sustainable future.

Commitment: CHRIFACAF is committed to providing humanitarian services for the most needy in the communities responsibly and to building a relationship of trust with our Partners.

What We Do: CHRIFACAF partners with communities, organizations, individuals, and governments to improve the quality of human life through different core portfolio activities: Education, Health, Economic Development, and Indigenous People’s Program.

Who We Serve: CHRIFACAF serves all people without regard to the ethnic origin, colour, creed, and political or religious associations. We simply help people in need, especially those most vulnerable.

How You Can Help: CHRIFACAF relies on private donations from individuals, humanitarian relief organizations and foundations for the majority of its support.

Help us bring change to the people we serve by giving a monetary donation as it can mean a miracle for the neediest in the rural communities.

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