Christian Total Ethos

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3407 W 6th Street Ste 801
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Christian Total Ethos is a church who seeks a true worship that is pure and undefiled in the eyes of God (James 1.27) and aims to create a healthy and well balanced church of God, the Creator, by sharing the hope to alll. CTE has established a Koreatown Multipurpose Senior Center, CTE-Citizenship and immigration legal center, and California plan enrollment assistance center (CalPeace) to better serve immigration community with diverse need. KSC as a nonprofit community based organization has nurtured CalPeace and CTE-CILC in becoming trustworthy entities. CalPeace is a Covered California, the California state health exchange, certified navigator center. CTE-CILC is a Board of Immigration Appeal accredited entity who legally represents low income immigrants and advocates their rights. KSC has also provided more than 500 individuals a week with free grocery in collaboration with Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.