EUNACAL Institute

About Us

EUNACAL is an independent public policy research institute dedicated to promote good governance and deliberative democracy in Albania by focusing on public policy making in three levels of governance (european, national & local - EUNACAL).

The main policy areas EUNACAL operates are:

Good Governance & Anti-corruption EU enlargement Information Society Environment & Development Education, Youth and Training Employment and Social Affairs Decentralization and Regional Cooperation

To better serve its mission EUNACAL carries out social & political research applying various scientific methodologies.

The core staff of EUNACAL is made of young professionals and academics of governance disciplines that bring in an outstanding experience in working with projects on good governance, anticorruption, EU enlargement, decentralization, regional development, government ICT policy, deliberative democracy and political & social research.

People at EUNACAL believe that cooperation among civil society actors and collective action are essential for successfully encouraging citizen centric government policies and accountable policymakers. Therefore EUNACAL is committed to a proactive engagement in common programs, projects and actions in cooperation with civil society actors operating in Albania, in other countries of the Western Balkans, in Turkey and in the EU.