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About Us

Our mission is to shed long needed sunlight on the nationwide abuse, medical fraud, and vicious unlawful retaliations instigated against America's injured workers under State Workers Compensation Systems.

There are thousands of horror stories that should be documented and presented as evidence of a systematic progression of injured worker abuse orchestrated by powerful insurance companies, employers and our government to abuse and defraud vulnerable injured citizens of their basic civil, constitutional, and human rights.

To quote the Acting Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations, John Duncan, "Too many interest groups complicate the system. This is the tip of the Iceberg. We need thorough investigation into Workers Compensation Systems in every state to show what happens every step of the way once a worker is injured. Only then will a just system be developed."

Edward C. Woodward, President of the California Workers Compensation Institute states, "This system chews people up. This would be a scandal any place else in the world."

As injured workers with first hand experience dealing with the tactics of the insurance industry and the other powers that control our ability to receive adequate medical care, impartial doctors, and employers who treat us fairly when we are injured on the job, we have come together to share our resources with other injured workers, in the hopes that what has happened to many injured workers in this country will not happen in the future.

We sincerely hope that this site and its membership is a genuine help to injured workers all across our country.