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About Us

Organization Description: Established in 1999, the Westchester Community Development Corporation was a quasi-public non-profit corporation of the State of New York whose primary mission was to improve the economic well being of the City of Mount Vernon by providing a comprehensive program of economic development. The corporation furthers the economic development of the City of Mount Vernon by promoting and assisting growth and development of small businesses within the geographic area of the City of Mount Vernon & New Rochelle and the greater Westchester economic community. All programs of the corporation are designed to meet one or more of the national objectives outlined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These national objectives are achieved through and emphasis on increased employment and by encouraging and/or retaining the existing industrial and commercial bases in the United States.

Specially, this corporation encourages economic development and information technology for the City of Mount Vernon & New Rochelle in which we were founded. And focus our goals and belief to culminate from this principle that the fulfillments of these goals are necessary to improve the quality of life for our communities, children and their families.

In 2003, a new board was established and the purpose and mission as well as the name were changed to be called Imperial Fez Corporation. We widened our demographic to cover the entire State of New York. We have expanded on our purpose and mission. This corporation will embark upon a fully committed mission to develop, implement and monitor these goals and objectives.

1. The purpose is to introduce the IMPERIAL FEZ CORPORATION, to persons who would normally not be exposed to learning the dynamics of becoming successful entrepreneurs. We seek to train seniors and youths in the fields of business and other vocational expertise which will ultimately benefit the community at large.

2. The purposes for which this Corporation has been organized are as follows:

(a) To plan and implement programs to aid youths, seniors and future entrepreneurs through our objectives (See Article IV).

(b) To hold informative meetings and training classes

(c) To develop programs which will promote the professional, educational and socio-economical welfare of the community

(d) To seek facilities for the purpose of educational and general meeting

(e) To develop training programs that is designed to advance the skills of our youths, seniors and future entrepreneurs.

(f) To acquire, construct, reconstruct, rehabilitate, improve, alter, repair, manage or operate; or to provide for, supervise or assist the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, improvement, alteration, repair, management or operation of residential, industrial, commercial, recreational, cultural, community or other buildings, lands, improvements or facilities, whether or not owned or leased by the corporation; and to sell, lease, assign, transfer, convey, exchange, mortgage or otherwise dispose of or encumber any such buildings, lands, improvements or facilities or any interest therein;

(g) To finance or provide, supervise or assist the financing or the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, improvement, alteration, repair, management, operation or disposition of any such buildings, lands, improvements or facilities; singly or with or through any other person, firm, partnership or corporation.

Organization Activities: Educational Scholarships; Youth Development & Empowerment; Support American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Lupus Foundation, American Heart Association’s walks and raise funds towards cures for these and other health organizations; Charter School under development. These are just a few of our active projects.
Organization Started: Officially launched March 2000