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About Us

Big dreams have humble beginnings. Harambee Sustainability Project began as a small group of international students with a vision of bringing accessible healthcare services to a small village in Kitui, Kenya. In December 2007 that dream became a reality and the long term purpose of the project came to fruition. Today Harambee has expanded it's efforts to Cape Town, South Africa, and Haiti (coming soon).

Harambee Sustainability Project is a grassroots 501c3 non-profit organization, with a focus on education and sustainability. The goal of the organization is to link student communities in the U.S. with rural communities living in poverty in order to provide them with the resources they need to flourish as an economically independent and self sustained community, and ultimately to build grassroots empathy. The project focuses on implementing projects in 4 main areas:

  • Water Sustainability
  • Crop Viability
  • Access to Basic Healthcare
  • Education Reform

The Harambee model is simple. It consists of Harambee Sustainability Project (HSP) as the project planner and organizer, a community partnership with a local non-profit and a community where the project will be implemented, and a university/college partner which supplies volunteers and financing. Currently, HSP has two active projects (Kenya and South Africa) and one in the works (Haiti).

The goal of project efforts is twofold. We strive to empower rural communities to take charge of their futures and achieve an economically and agriculturally sustainable existence, while providing students with the opportunity to apply their college acquired skills to real world settings in order to create global impact one community at a time.

What makes Harambee so unique is it's contingent partnership between the communities abroad and volunteers coming from abroad, where sustainablility of implemented programs can be carefully monitored, maintained, and evaluated.