CleanStar Trust


New Delhi


About Us

The CleanStar Trust was established in mid-2007 based on the realization that with appropriate technical and financial support, the rural poor could become great champions in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. We work at the grassroots level to develop awareness and capacity within rural communities in areas like bio-energy production, agro-forestry, and responsible environmental management. We obtain support for these programs from individuals and organizations that are keen to take direct action against climate change while also providing measurable social and economic benefits to rural communities.

The CleanStar Trust is currently promoting community-based BioEnergy feedstock cultivation on land that is unused for food crop production (using Jatropha, Karanj, and other species), to enable long-term income generation for marginal communities. Our team has already planted over 100,000 BioFuel producing trees at our field research site in Beed District, Maharashtra. We are now preparing to scale up to plant 1 million trees under the "Plant a BioFuel Tree" Campaign, an initiative to help 600 women turn their wastelands into forests. (see Closely integrated with this BioFuel tree-planting activity are rural development initiatives like watershed management, micro enterprise creation and vocational environmental education.