Kalpulli Tlalteca

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302 Gonzales St.
El Paso
United States

About Us

Kalpulli Tlalteca is a Mesoamerican indigenous organization dedicated to learning, preserving and practicing our traditions. With our heart in our hands and our hands in the Earth we invoke the spirit of the original inhabitants of this land to guide and inspire US to constitute ourselves as an Indigenous community for the purpose of exercising the principles of Mexicayotl, the Way of being a Relative to all Life, in our individual and communal lives. Kalpulli Tlalteca is organized for the purpose promoting, supporting, and maintaining organized efforts, group and individual, to practice the principles of Mexicayotl. We are Native American, Chicano, Indio, Mexicano, Mexica, Aztec. We are a non profit community working for the betterment of our community, families and health. We are currently working in the area of men's health, youth leadership development and self sufficiency.