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About Us

What is Intentional Moms?

Intentional Moms exists to empower moms to be more deliberate, effective and fulfilled in their lifelong journey with their children. Presented in a positive, thought-provoking light, the principles of IM help women to grow as they embrace the most important role of their lives – motherhood. There simply is no other organization for moms that educates, equips and empowers women in this way today.

Intentional Moms is led by Catherine Hickem, a sought- after expert resource on the subject of motherhood. Intentional Moms helps women to think differently about their role as a parent and their relationships with family. We provide the no-nonsense tools mothers need to intentionally raise their children and enrich their lives. We are the only national organization to address all ages and stages of parenting, from the youngest children through adulthood.

A national, not-for-profit 501.3.c nondenominational organization, Intentional Moms offers a multitude of opportunities to engage and equip moms with knowledge and confidence. These include speaking engagements, seminars and coaching programs, as well as online materials, blogs, newsletters, and books. Our goal is to effectively reach mothers who are on a spiritual journey to raise children of integrity.

The Decade of the Intentional Mom

As the pressures of today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking society compete for our attention, Intentional Moms challenges mothers across the nation to step back and refocus on what truly matters. To this end, we’re resolved to make this the Decade of the Intentional Mom. Join us to stay informed as details of this exciting new initiative unfold.

Our Values

  • To bring hope to Moms wherever they are along their motherhood journey
  • To give purpose to Moms in their role
  • To fan the flame of significance for the Mom’s role
  • To encourage the thinking process
  • To treat women intelligently
  • To satisfy women’s desire to embrace the deeper aspects of motherhood
  • To lead and live by integrity
  • To instill a God-dependent basis in faith for motherhood