Emmanuel Weyi for President of The Democratic Republic of the Congo

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In the past 50 years there has been no social, economic or political progress in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The government has been forsaking its people. There is rampant corruption, no stable economy, no national security; there isn't even a set constitution. The humanitarian situation in the DRC is staggering; a new approach is needed. 

Enter Emmanuel Weyi, a Congolese native, political advocate, entrepreneur and leader with over 25 years of experience doing business in the DRC. Mr Weyi is the new approach the DRC needs; with a focus on reforming education, women's rights and the economy, bringing the rule of law and defending the dignity of all Congolese people, he has the recipe to empower this country that the world has taken advantage of for far too long. 

A lot people are going to look us and think: “Congo is too far away. I need to focus on home.” But that computer or phone you’re reading this on right now runs on precious metals from the Congo. The gold or diamond jewelry you own likely came from the Congo. And women, children, and poor communities are being exploited without the knowledge of good people like you. The fact is: The Congo is all around us.

There are so many things to stand for in the Congo. Justice. Women’s Rights. Healthy Children. A peaceful world.

What will you Stand for?