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About Us

RAGOH's Mission & Vision:

Globally empowering the next generation of compassionate, driven, socially responsible female leaders, by providing adolescent girls in the U.S. an opportunity to channel their energy and gifts in order to advocate for girls in developing countries.

RAGOH imagines a world where girls everywhere have access to education and the resources to create a brighter future!


RAGOH creates partnerships connecting schools & nonprofits in the U.S. to organizations in developing countries, whose girls are experiencing barriers to education, such as child marriage, trafficking, forced labor, abuse, poverty and other relevant barriers in their country.

Partnerships are comprised of:

  • Global education curriculum
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Student-driven service & advocacy projects

RAGOH will also engage college and university campuses in Philadelphia (or each respective United States RAGOH city) through internship programs and engagement via campus groups.

Why there is a need for these services:

There is no question that girls are in a state of crisis. According to the United Nation, there are 66 million girls out of school globally, often due to poverty, gender-based violence, trafficking, child labor, and early marriage. In the United States, 25% of girls in America do not finish high school (often due to pregnancy), and the dropout rate is even higher for minorities (www.nwlc.com).

How RAGOH is a part of the solution:

Rather than reinvent the wheel, RAGOH seeks to mobilize and empower educators and students to become a part of social change across the globe. We’ve all heard the ancient proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” However, in today’s global society, that proverbial “village” must expand across the seas to that we can advocate for the world’s most vulnerable and powerful – our girls!

RAGOH is an innovative program that builds mutually beneficial partnerships that will strengthen, empower and support girls globally. Providing youth with holistic educational experiences will directly impact their health and wellness. When girls, regardless of where they live, develop an enthusiasm for learning that extends beyond classroom walls, a value/respect for diversity, and a healthy self-esteem...they come to BELIEVE THAT THEY HAVE A VOICE AND CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.