Arlington Neighborhood Association, Inc.


United States

About Us

Mission Our Community Development Corporation has been in existence since 1996 and is a 501c3 since 1997. AT ANA, Inc, we want to promote the well-being of area residents as well as to improve the community as a whole by empowering residents and engaging stakeholders through initiatives that bring about improvements to housing, infrastructure, public facilities, public safety, workforce and business development.

Service Area Our service area encompasses both sides of Arlington Street on the North from Broadway to Lawrence Street, both sides of Lawrence Street South to the Spicket River, West along the Spicket River to Hampshire Street, South on both sides of Hampshire Street to Lowell Street, West on both sides of Lowell Street to Broadway, and North on both sides of Broadway to Arlington Street.

Our Activities Our activities include partnership with the Neighborhood Alliance, which is a business community partnership between neighborhood groups, Malden Mills and resource providers that will enable us to asses the needs and address areas such as workforce development, housing and child care.

We have also partnered with The National Trust for Historic Preservation to develop a strategy that utilizes preservation as a redevelopment tool. With Northern Essex Community College we solicited a Community Outreach Partnership Centers (COPC) grant. If funded this grant will enable us to form an IDA (Individual Deposit Accounts) program that will increase the financial literacy of our residents.

Each year we participate in citywide events that include: National Night Out and Earth Day. We have also run youth programs that encouraged the development of artistic talents in our youth. We provided support and manpower in the FEMA Project negotiations with homeowners. We have also created a database of the vacant lots and abandoned buildings and have initiated a neighborhood needs assessment to evaluate the real priorities as our residents see it.

We are in the process of incorporating this information in our five-year strategic plan, which will be incorporated into the city’s master plan. These are some of the activities that we would like you to be aware of as well as seek your support to help us carry out our mission.

Come help us make positive changes in our neighborhood!