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About Us

We Promise You The Most Rewarding Soul Mythic Journey And Sacred Spirit Adventure... Of Your Life!

Soul Projects or Spiral of Your Life Projects is an open-minded, open-hearted, up-to-date, and creatively fresh non-profit organization that was first initiated back in early 2008. It was born out of the dream to create a unique conscious community selection of fully guided and fully focused intensive Yoga and Shamanic Plant and Heart Energy Medicine Soul Mythic Journeys; which all encourage us to step back, break the 'mold', and live life to our 'full' potential.

Each Soul Mythic Journey's primary ingredients include a series of group soul creative element workshops and private consultations; daily yoga and meditation practice; a strict healthy and balanced food diet; the unique opportunity to interact with remote native indian peoples in their ancestral indigenous heartland; a sacred pilgrimage adventure trek to a local power spot location; and 3 consecutive days and nights, of powerful sacred shamanic plant and heart energy medicine ceremony; all in very high energy locations, with the full support and assistance from an experienced team of both traditional and modern day shamans (healers and guides).

Our 9 day and 14 day projects bridge the gap between the sacred tools, traditions and ancient wisdom teachings of our ancestors, with their effective application and integration into the new modern world reality that we live in today.

So why not explore now for yourself our highly transformational family tree of FIVE soul mythic journey branches, in FOUR different countries, all Mind, Heart and Hand created, to Challenge and Stimulate your Body, Clear and Focus your Mind, Open, Expand and Liberate your Heart, and Free and give Flight to your Soul?

Learn And Discover Now The Forgotten Secrets To Finding Real Happiness, Lasting Wealth And Personal Success In The World.


“To spread a message of love, peace, beauty and internal balance through the creative human art of ideas, insights and action, throughout the world and throughout the cosmos. **

To give people the chance to be a part of something positive, grow internally and the chance to really make a difference in the world.

To enhance peoples' awareness, feeling and sensitivity to life, the spirit and the energy in the universe, through the interaction with other people from around the world and our living breathing planet.

To explore the mystery of life, question consciousness, reality and the power of the mind. To help awaken the ‘inner warrior’ that is in everyone, encouraging people to follow their hearts and live their dreams.

To help restore our deep inner connection with the natural world, and in doing so guide people in re-discovering the path to spiritual enlightenment and understanding the power of ‘living in the now.

To ultimately act as a ‘pointer tool’ to the realization of who we really are – that we are already whole, complete, happy and perfect if we just learn how to open our eyes to it.

To support, empower, and celebrate indigenous cultures and peoples through their art and tradition.

To aid indigenous communities in their struggle for self-sustainability, economic autonomy, and ultimately a better life for all.

To create a network of conscious actors from all over the world, individualized by our diversity but bound by our common unity.”