Pro-Life Action - Hanford

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About Us

Dedicated to reducing abortion thru action. We need a place to share ideas, events, resources, and encouragement to actually DO something that makes a difference. You can be catholic, evangelical, or atheist - its all good. You might prefer prayer, politics, or counseling. We're all about support and edification.

This group is for every pro-lifer that wants to make a difference. Its OUR group, don't think you can't post something just because you aren't an admin or something. Invite people to your Events, post pictures of the work out there in the trenches, share some ideas and your great sources out there on the internet, give a shout out to a local making a difference. If you need help, tell us what you need - some might have that missing piece of the puzzle.

We are NOT about division. If you just want to debate the finer points of what pro-life means, there's plenty of discussion boards out there on the net - go find one.

We'll need to work together on getting organized, and figuring out the most effective ways to share what we have.