Care and Concern for Humanity (CCH). Volunteer Opportunities and Internship

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About Us

Care and Concern for Humanity is registered non-profit organization in Ghana that focuses on providing internship and volunteer opportunities. It is registered in the year 2006 in Ghana Registrar Department under the Companies’ code, 1963 (Act 179), with registration Number G. 17,091


1.To assist the poor, school dropouts and the disabled in their communities through education and helping raise their social and economic status. 2.To organize voluntary programs in communities that lack basic needs.

3.To empower youth in their communities to acquire skills to help raise their standard of living.

4.To support orphans and street children with food, clothing, education, health and shelter.

5.To organize public forum to create awareness in the rural and urban centers on health care, sanitation and sex education.

We Support: Grassroots Development: Grassroots approach is taken in all that we do, adopting a standard of living similar to those we are trying to assist.

Volunteerism: We give of ourselves and make sacrifices for the betterment of others, expecting nothing in return.Community: Our volunteers work as a community, living together and supporting one another during the experience. Self-reliance: Participants and members of the community work together to attain self-reliance. Social Justice: Our efforts are directed at achieving social and economic justice for those in the developing world.

Mission: The mission of Care and Concern for Humanity is to recognize and revive youth through practical education as to instill discipline and good moral practices in the face of taste, agitation, lack, hopelessness and poverty: 1. contribute positively to our communities and environment by training and building the capacity of the youth 2. creating ideas, sharing and proposing new format for our projects and programs 3. helping kick-out Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS 4. developing unique and relevant partnerships

Volunteer requirement: It is open to all, irrespective of Gender, Race, political, Nationality and religious affiliation. Age Requirements- 16 years and above

There are on-going projects to recruit and accommodate International Volunteers, these projects are Manual work projects and volunteer placement Programs.

Manual Work Projects: These are activities that involve manual labour directed towards community Development such as classrooms, Health Care Centres, Orphanages, community Toilets, community centres, Youth Training centres, Digging of wells, Sanitation. Farming Projects. Also included are Tree planting, Agro- forestry Projects such as Cocoa and Coffee Plantations Oil Palm Plantation, clearing of farmland, Food crops farming, transplanting of seedlings and harvesting of crops.

Volunteer Placement: Volunteers are placed in various fields these are schools in the rural areas and Institutions that cater for people with physical and mental disabilities. Hospitals, Clinics, Orphanages, Youth training Centres, tour centers, Cultural Practice Institutions and farms.

Current Projects: Construction of classroom block, construction of Orphanage, farm to help the orphans and the poor projects, sanitation improvement projects, Orphans and street children support program.


  • Minimum Two weeks
  • Maximum One Year

Program Fees:

400 US Dollars Per Two Weeks

800 US Dollars Per Month which covers:

Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off Orientation Meals (3x Daily) Accommodation 24hrs In-Country Support Transportation to Project Site Volunteer ID Card

The fee does not cover 1. Insurance (medical, travel, personal belongings) 2. Flight or land transportation from your country to Ghana 3. Personal expenses (i.e. gift items, beverage, water bottle) 4. Trekking, rafting, other adventure activities 5. Visa renewal and obtaining 6. Other expenses in incidental cases

Co-ordination On arrival they are picked up from the airport and taken to site. Followed by a general introduction of our programs and environment of work and staff. Volunteers have an on site volunteer coordinator who is always there to help with any helpful information.

In-country transportation Pre-departure information: Volunteers will be provided program information including packing list and comprehensive instruction on health related issues and other detailed information on issues that will concern volunteers such as cultural shocks, safety and many more, which prepares you towards your departure

Airport Pick Up and Departure: Upon arrival, a staff will be at the Airport to pick volunteers. Volunteers must send us their flight information. Notice of flight cancellations must be communicated to us. Airport Drop-off is arranged for volunteers from the project site. Volunteers who decide to do in-country travel will have to arrange their own transport to the airport.