Washington (formerly Women) Empowered Against Violence (WEAVE)

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1422 K Street NW
United States

About Us

WEAVE’s mission is to engage the metropolitan Washington DC community in the elimination of intimate partner abuse and other forms of gender-based violence through innovative, empowering and holistic services. Services are free and confidential and provided regardless of income, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or immigration status.

WEAVE addresses the significant need for long-term and holistic services for survivors of intimate partner abuse, which includes legal services, counseling and community education. Staff provide expert representation through a complex web of legal needs and at the same time provide skilled counseling and help to survivors in understanding the process to keep healing and keep proceeding until their legal needs are finished. Clients may have the same attorney through their CPO, divorce and immigration hearing. Clients are offered a full-year of free therapy and counseling services. As services are offered under one roof and without income requirements, WEAVE removes the financial and logistical barriers that contribute to survivors giving up and returning to their abusers. By providing bilingual counseling, support groups, WEAVE eliminates the costs associated with interpreter services and survivors can heal from their abuse in their own language.

WEAVE meets clients where they are emotionally and practically, making services accessible without barriers or judgment and offers a range of options for survivors rather than providing a one-size fits all model of services. WEAVE combines an empowering, client-centered approach with true compassion and dedicated follow-through to meet survivors’ needs. This ensures more effective, long-term results and empowers survivors to develop the self-esteem, self-respect and confidence they need to ensure safety for themselves and their children. This results in survivors leading healthy productive lives and preventing future violence by breaking the intergenerational cycles of abuse.

In 2011, WEAVE will provide services to 450 survivors; legal services to 250 individuals, individual and group therapy, psycho-educational groups, DV discussions and client advocacy to 200, and reach over 3,000 individuals through educational and outreach efforts. These survivors will primarily be low-income women of color residing in the District of Columbia. The vast majority of WEAVE clients are women of color and approximately half are immigrants, with 60% identifying as African-American and 20% identify as Latina.