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2515 Frankford Avenue
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About Us

Sustainable 19125 aims to make 19125 the greenest neighborhood in Philadelphia. It’s a broad, innovative partnership between community residents, businesses, and numerous government organizations, nonprofits and for-profit to green the Fishtown, Olde Richmond, and East Kensington neighborhoods of Philadelphia. It’s led by New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) with support from the Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS).

Sustainable 19125 follows the examples of innovative local residents, businesses, organizations, and city agencies who have been at the cutting edge of sustainable action for years. They have already taken steps to plant trees, recycle, reduce their consumption of non-renewable energy, protect our water resources and even green our region’s economy. Many residents have taken steps to cut down their energy use by weatherizing their homes. Others have connected rain barrels to their homes’ downspout system to save money and reduce the impact of storm water runoff on local sewers. But these are not the only nationally-recognized actions and programs in the neighborhood. Greensgrow Farm has been a national model for urban farming, providing fresh, local food in the neighborhood. Philly Tree People has planted over 450 trees in the local area. The new Kensington CAPA school, the first LEED platinum certified building in the neighborhood, just opened this fall after years of organizing and protesting on the part of neighbors and students, working with Youth United for Change. Moreover, the 19125 community has ready access to public transportation and has been reinvesting in its local business corridors. In the first year of the program over 1200 local residents led by 60 green guides worked together: join us for this second year of the program and help make our neighborhood the greenest in Philadelphia!