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About Us

“How can we best face the changes that are coming in our world as a whole? I think that the answer to that is perhaps best encapsulated in the words of those who came before us, the ancient Essences, in a text that's more than 2,500 years old. It reminds us of our relationship with the world around us, and says simply that the world around us is nothing more and nothing less than a mirror of what we have become from within.

So when we see a world that appears angry, cruel and thoughtless, that produces suffering for our brothers and sisters all over the world — from this perspective, that world is a mirror of what we have become as individuals, families, societies and nations. It's not right, wrong, good or bad. It's simply a reflection of who we are. The condition of the planet is a feedback mechanism.

So if we want to see change in our world, we must become that change in our everyday lives. If we want to see peace, tolerant understanding, compassion and forgiveness at the global level, we must become that. At the dinner table, with our families. We must become that with our schools.

We must demand that we be entertained through peace, compassion, and understanding. It doesn't have to be dull or boring. It can still be very exciting, but it does not have to be ruthless, thoughtless, cruel or heartless.

So in our daily lives, every moment of every day, we make a choice that either affirms or denies life in our bodies. Our individual choices all pool into the collective answer to our future.

If we'd like to see a collective change, we must individually become that change.” (Gregg Braden)


MylifE’s mission is to create self-sufficient, care-giving communities that holistically attend to the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of our parentless children and youth.

MylifE is a non-profit organization working cooperatively with abandoned youth as well as underdeveloped and impoverished communities. We take a holistic approach to sustainable community development by empowering participants and partners through physical rehabilitation, emotional healing, skills development and job creation. Coupled with outreach and awareness building, we strive to turn a huge global problem into an emerging local solution.

South Africa has the highest number of Aids Orphans in the world, leading to an inordinate number of homeless children wandering the streets. These numbers continue to grow at an alarming rate of 1000 new infections every day. By 2010, UNICEF estimates that 12 million children will be orphaned by the Third Aids Wave in South Africa.

As a result, the founders of MylifE have identified the need to initiate structures that can incorporate these orphans into an alternative family environment. In this way, the children and youth are diverted from a life of violence, abuse and crime in a cycle of destruction and a sustainable model for community upliftment is created.