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About Us

Catharis Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization focused on encouraging survivors of all forms of child abuse to find cathartic healing through writing and to raise awareness of the long-term effects of child abuse and enlighten Society about the truth and prevalence of child abuse. Complete information about Catharsis Foundation is available on our website.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and April 30 has been designated as the international "Toast To Survivors" Day. Visit the Catharsis Foundation website for details or to organize a "Toast To Survivors" fundraising event in your community whether you live in North America, South America, Europe, Australia or where ever. Please note, communication is English only at this stage.

Catharis Foundation would really like to find supportive businesses willing to display and sell Cathartic Chronicles books for survivors of child abuse/authors. 100% of the net royalties are paid to the author. These courageous authors are willing to tell about their ordeals to the world and help enlighten society about what children are enduring. Many could never tell anyone and have suffered in silence - further ensuring that the truth about child abuse remains secret. But through Catharsis Foundation, they are willing to share their stories and finally reveal the truth.

Catharsis Foundation needs to raise the funds to have their books published, promoted and distributed to help Survivors enlighten Society and help others.

We also have a Research Study on our website that we encourage survivors of child abuse (or those who can personally speak for now-deceased victims)to respond to. Results and analysis will be posted to the Catharsis Foundation website after one year and updated annually.

Please contact Catharsis Foundation if you are able to assist in any way.