Malaika Ecotourism

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About Us

About Us Malaika Ecotourism is a Kenyan Ecotourism operator that organizes Sustainable Solidarity travel in Kenya. The concept is about travel & development for the local communities in Kenya. We gives travellers great opportunities to adventure our country in a unique, eco-friendly and sustainable way, by meeting the local people and sharing with them.

Our Objectives: Our main objective is to involve the local communities to feel part of Ecotourism, be responsible of their own nature and take care of their heritage attractions. This will improve the living standards of the local people.

We also aim at:

  • Encouraging sustainable travel
  • Allowing travellers to meet people from diverse cultural backgrounds to enhance inter-cultural exchanges
  • Assisting communities to engage in ecological long-term development
  • Encouraging community travel

Our Vision: is to promote ecotourism and improve the well-being of local communities that is why our motto is independent sustainable development.