Institute for Juvenile Justice Reform & Alternatives

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510 Gates Avenue 1st floor
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About Us

The Institute for Juvenile Justice Reform & Alternatives is a division of the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions.

IJJRA's mission is to reduce the rate and likelihood of youth incarceration by effecting:

  • System Change through policy reform and system accountability founded on principles of human rights, human development and human justice
  • Community Empowerment through organizing, advocacy training, service networks and civic engagement
  • Individual Transformation and Social Justice Leadership through educational initiatives, leadership training fellowships and intergenerational mentorship networks


At IJJRA, we believe that change, accountability and transformation need to take place on three levels: system, community and individual. Our programs are developed accordingly.

Juvenile Justice Research, Policy and Advocacy (JJRPA) program works to achieve system accountability and meaningful policy reform in the juvenile justice system through field research and analysis, policy development and collaborative advocacy. Projects are prioritized based on an understanding that comprehensive, collaborative and participatory research is critical in informing effective policy reform, community-based solutions and meaningful service models for juvenile justice agencies.

Community Safety, Justice and Empowerment (CSJE) program works to achieve community empowerment in neighborhoods with high crime and youth incarceration rates in New York City through training seminars, workshop series and technical assistance for community and system stakeholders – including local elected officials, service providers and juvenile justice professionals, community based organizations and associations, churches, teachers, parents and youth – to promote best practice, resource sharing, skills development and most importantly dialogue, relationship and network building towards community safety, empowerment and healing.

Young People Moving Power (YPMP) program works to achieve positive youth development and leadership among youth who are formerly incarcerated and/or at high-risk of arrest, detention or incarceration. We are developing multi-level training academies designed to counter the problem-focused deficit-based model of juvenile justice to the strength-based positive youth development model. This approach entails mutual, intentional and intensive collaboration with families, community stakeholders and community institutions for strengthening social supports, opportunities and relations for reaching fullest potential.