Fundación - Atamain

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About Us

Fundación Atamain is a non-profit, Christ-Centered organization created to address societal problems which manifest themselves in the psychological and social areas. To this end, Atamain is developing preventative activities for a population seen as poor in the four levels of existence: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Currently the foundation is working in the neighborhood of Carcelén, in the north of Quito, in a strategic alliance with the Parish of Nuestra Señora Reina del Mundo de Carcelén, where they are planning, executing, and evaluating, the Psycho-Social Project “EFFETA”.

The overall objective of this project is to implement a psychological and social intervention, which responds to the poverty which people experience in the four levels of existence. We hope to do this through systems of training, awareness, and prevention, seeking the personal edification of the 35 beneficiary families of the EFFETA Project. In order to fulfill this objective, Fundación Atamain is working with the families in various aspects. For example, from Tuesday to Friday, we work with approximately 65 children, helping with homework. Furthermore, we seek to respond to every psychological or social need which arises among the beneficiaries of the program.